Tips for Avoiding Enamel Erosion

Posted On : Feb.11, 2018

Acidic beverages can cause great damage to the enamel of the teeth. Lemon and other citrus flavors are very acidic. Here are some tips, such as having these beverages at the same time as a meal, to avoiding potential difficulties. "The Downside to Drinking Flavored Water"...

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Some Health Conditions May Show up in the Mouth

Posted On : Sep.30, 2017

Reader's Digest lists a few systemic conditions that may manifest in oral health issues. Regular dental check-ups can help stay on top of things.  Dental Problems Revealed in the Mouth...

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Challenges with Age and Oral Health

Posted On : Mar.28, 2017

Continuing the discussion on older adults, the NY Times recently described the unique challenges, the importance of preventive care, and the efforts being made to help this population by local communities.  NY Times Older Adults...

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Oral Health and Older Adults

Posted On : Jan.17, 2017

US News and World Report discusses the importance of oral health for older adults. Since Medicare does not cover most dental care, preventive treatments such as additional cleanings and fluoride can make a big difference to maintaining a smile and healthy diet later in life. This article discusses ...

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Heart Disease Risk

Posted On : Aug.28, 2016

It is already known that there is a link between gum disease and heart disease from studies over the years. Reuters reports on this recent study from the Netherlands that uses an even larger group to find a connection. The results showed that twice as many of those with gum disease, or periodontal d...

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Oral Health Affects Overall Health

Posted On : Mar.07, 2016

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an excellent summary of the importance of a healthy smile to the overall health of the body. In addition to the points that are raised, its been shown that there is a bi-directional relationship with oral health and diabetes, meaning conditions in the mouth can ...

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Tips for keeping your teeth clean

Posted On : Jan.24, 2016

Buzzfeed, with the help of the American Dental Association provides this helpful list of items to help keep your teeth clean along with photos demonstrating what is happening to your teeth and gums. Remember, the most damage done by sugary, starchy foods is when they are eaten aware from mealtimes ...

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Be careful even with sugar free soda and candy

Posted On : Nov.30, 2015

Keep in mind, sugar free sodas and candy are still acidic and can cause erosion on teeth, potentially wearing away the enamel. A recent study from Australia has demonstrated this. Water is a great beverage of choice, and mint is a better option than fruit flavors when it comes to candy. The Washing...

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Tooth Loss Linked to Cognitive and Physical Decline

Posted On : Jun.06, 2015

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society indicates that older adults with tooth loss experience a more rapid decline in memory and walking. This may mean there is an affect on both the mind and the body. Preventive dentistry is the best way to prevent tooth loss...

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Tooth Decay in the United States

Posted On : May.16, 2015

A new report from the CDC and National Institute for Health indicates high numbers of individuals with tooth decay. It found that 25% of adults 20-64 have untreated tooth decay! 96% of adults 65 years and older have had treated or untreated caries. Get your regular dental checkups... Time Magazin...

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